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Bericht der Mahongole Secondary School
Schulleiter Herrn Alfred L. Hongoli 

Mr. Alfred L. Hongoli
The Headmaster
Mahongole Secondary School
P.O. Box 526

Friedemann WURM
Geroldstr. 15

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Lutheran Christian Community of Ismaning.
In the first place, I would like to thank you for having remembered us through your Lovely letter dated on 17.04.2005. The letter shows that our school is into your beloved hearts. May our lord Jesus Christ, Bless you much, for the letter you sent to us through per. Chatanda.

Kindly, I send you many greetings from Mahongole Secondary school community, We are all very well over here and continuing well with our daily routines. I hope that by Lord´s God Mercy, you are alright. We praise Our Lord God, The creator of the Earth, the Universe and other creatures.

Dear, geographically, the weather of Mahongole is good By the time being winter has already started. Normally it begins early April and goes as far as mid August; However the winter we experience here, is not as sever as that experienced by the people living in the Northern Hemisphere.
In case you tour our place by this time of the year, you would notice very whittle.

Packages From Ismaning:
We are very much thankful for all the packages you have revealed into your letter that you have dispatched for us. Indeed there auxilliallary goods would be of greater Importance for our school´s Community. We hope to receive them in the just near future. God, our Lord may Bless your for your generosity. Thank you very much for that.

Sir, you have asked me for the names of the staff members (teachers), the school has nine teachers. These are:

 Alfred L. Hongoli Gentleman The Headmaster
Zacharia Mwakabonga Gentleman Secontmaster
Eneles Brighton Landy teacher
Alexandrina Mathias Landy teacher
Clement Kinyaga Gentleman teacher
Leonard Mpoli Gentleman teacher
Erasto Kinemelo Gentleman teacher
Yohana Wilfred Gentleman teacher
Confort Mbeyela Gentleman teacher

Number of Students:
By the year 2005, the school has got two hundred and sixty nine (269) Students out of which 147 are bays and 122 are girls.

60 60 49 55 9 36

By the year 2009, the school will have about six hundred and fourty (640) students. These will need six - teen (16) classrooms of a capacity of fourty (40) students for each classroom.

PLAN 2005 - 2009

The school´s Community has got a task to construct more ten classrooms, a Laboratory, a Large Hall teacher´s houses.

Currently, the school has got six ( 6) classrooms.
The school needs more ten classrooms by the beginning of 2009 year.
The estimated cost to construct one room is seven million (7.m TSH) There fore, ten Classrooms will need seventy million (70.m TSH) The money will be used for technical Works and for buying Iron sheets, nails, timber, desks, chairs, tables, cement, Cupboards and shelves.
A Laboratory of two big rooms, with two (2) office and two (2) stores in supposed to Be constructed up to the beginning of year 2009. This amount would be used for the Technical works, making benches, chairs, stools, shelves, cupboard and for Purchasing Iron sheets, nails, timbers, apparatuses, cement bags, installation of water system and electrical systems too. 
A Library is needed too. A library must be constructed between year 2005 and 2009. The library should have a Capacity of accommodating one hundred (100) students at a go. This will cost about twenty million (20.m TSH). The money estimated would be used for the technical works, purchasing Iron sheets, Cement bags, hails, paints timber for roofing, benches, chairs tables, shelves, hard boards, Ceiling boards, glass and books.
A large Hall is Urgently needed to be constructed between year 2005 and 2009. This hall would be used for conducting National and Local Examinations, conferences other official and social gatherings.
The Hall must have the Capacity to hold one thousand (1000) people at a go. Its estimated cost is about sixty of buying bricks, foundation, stones, buying Iron sheets, nails technical works, cement bags, paints, hardboards, electrical wire Installation, timber (woods) for roofing, window and door frames, shutters, door tops, gravel and locks.
By the time being, the school has got only six (6) houses. Nine more houses are needed the estimated cost of one house is nine million (9.m TSH) x 9 houses i.e. eighty - one million (81.m TSH)

NB: However, the "School Construction Committee" targets of construction development of the school set to be implemented between 2005 - 2009 night not be fully met due to scarcity of resources.

The pupils have different desires for their future there are as follows:

Some want to be doctors, nurses, engineers, businessman, teachers, professional footballers, writers, professional musicians, miners, environmentalists, scientists, drivers, police soldiers, politicians, farmers, barbers, salon owners, tourists, industry sector, mechanics, electricians others want to go to self employment sector future ministers, Radio announcers and many more.

We are very great full for having given us your Internet Web - site. We long to hear much from Ismaning.

In our Lord Jesus Christ, we thank you.



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